Event Calendar

General Information

HFDS runs leagues on weeknights during daylight savings time at multiple courses around Houston.During standard time, leagues are only run on Saturday mornings at one or two courses.

Each league lasts for 6-8 weeks, and a player's best 4-6 weeks is counted and the remainder dropped. Check with the league directors to learn the specifics of individual league schedules.

The cost of a league is $25 for non-club members, and $20 for active club members. Of course we encourage all players to join HFDS but you do not have to be a member to participate in one of our leagues. They are open to everyone!

League Directors will assist new players in determining their starting division of play. Thereafter, we will track a players scores and tell them when it is appropriate to advance to the next higher division. A player can choose to play upward in any higher division.

Any new player is welcome to come out and play along on a league card (without officially joining a league) to get a better idea of how leagues work!

HFDS League Rules

  1. League play is calculated on a point system. Points are awarded each week in each division based on first place receiving 30 points, second place receiving 29 points, etc. Only the players participating that week will receive points. Missed weeks will count as a 0 for that week. Players that do not complete their round will receive 0 for that week. In the event of ties, the players will split the accumulated points of the point slots. (Example: Three players tie for first. Each would be awarded 29 pts, which is a split of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd point slots.)
  2. The accumulated points for each week will determine the players rank in each division.
  3. Each players 4 highest point weeks will count toward league total.
  4. League fees are $25 with a $5 discount for active HFDS club members.
  5. Only the scores posted after league fees are paid will be tabulated.
  6. Card groupings are left up to league participants. It is strongly recommended that cards consist of at least three players and no more than four.
  7. The top half of the amateur field will be awarded 60% merchandise payout
  8. The top third of the gold field will be awarded 80% cash payout
  9. It is your responsibility to turn in scorecards to league officials.
  10. Please put full names and the correct date on scorecards.
  11. Mandos - If you miss the mandatory ("mando"), you must re-tee with penalty as many times as it takes you to clear the mando. If you are short of the mando and can play your next shot through, you may proceed without penalty. Mandos are not in place at all courses. Check with league director before play.
  12. Have fun or go home!